"This time, it’s about me. Not you. All my life it’s been the same, they come first. But you know what? I want to come first. I need to take care of myself for once. I’m tired of looking out for everyone else and having to put aside what I want.”

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I’m not going to give up salt and sugar because I want to look like Adriana Lima. But I am going to work out to make myself feel good in my own body.

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Megan Fox @ Kids Sports Awards 7/17

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Megan Fox | Kids’ Choice Sports Awards.

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Zoey Deucth's new shoot for Byrdie (July 15th, 2014)

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Zoey Deutch for byrdie beauty. (july 2014)
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Fairy Tale Meme:

6 Creatures - [Mermaids]

The mermaids usually held their picnics on an island in the midst of the pool. Here they would sit and sun themselves. They talked about the fashions and the prettiest way to dress their hair. Each one had a pocket mirror, but where they kept these, while swimming, no mortal ever found out. They made wreaths of bright colored seaweed, orange and black, blue, gray and red and wore them on their brows like coronets. Or, they twined them, along with sea berries and bubble blossoms, among their tresses. Sometimes they made girdles of the strongest and knotted them around their waists.


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